by Kevin Chimuka

When last did you shed tears?
No. When last did you cry for yourself?
When the world turned against you
No one offered you any help.
Your heart crumbled under the pressure
As your soul shrieked in pain.
Did anyone hear you crying?
Was it all in vain?

Have you ever felt like you were drowning,
Yet couldn’t shed a single tear?
All the pain and despair would grow inside you
And you knew not, how to make it disappear
Long days, trying to reach for air
Cold nights, praying for the release
Itching, scratching inside your head.
All you wish for is some peace.

Ever felt like you were dying?
Winter doesn’t feel as cold as it should.
A rare smile, the only sign of life
Avoiding it as much as you could
Living is a result of birth
Being alive is a state of being
You’re born into this world
But you felt, you could never be

When last did I cry for myself?


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This Love.

“Will you give me your life
When I risk losing mine?
Will you die a million times
As long as I’m fine?”
The bond of souls,
Our interlocking fingers.
Your presence devoid
But the memories linger

“Do I leave or do I stay?”
Cet amour n’a pas été apprécié

Shadows in a cold room,
This strange world keeps you distant.
Yet the wounds bleed for you.
My skin craves you at every instant.
Your touch doesn’t feel the same
Lips don’t remember my name
Eyes look at me with shame
I feel like I’m to blame

“Am I enough? Show me the way!”
Cet amour n’etait pas recompensé

Is love all that can fill your cup?
Are tears worthy, if I don’t have enough?
When I run out, will you be there,
To show that even you do care?
Do you like the smell of rain,
Beauty of grey clouds,
Dancing of violent waves,
And loving without a sound?

“Does he love me? Have I gone astray?”
Cet amour a été miné
Cet Amant….

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This Flag.

A piece of me, a piece of you.

A piece of every one of us.

Pieces needed to build something bigger than all of us.


Necessary sacrifice.

A sacrifice that will take each of us from our comfort zones.

Comfort zones that vary in size & matter.

Comfort zones we can’t afford any longer.

The motherland is crying out.

Crying out to a new generation.

A new breed.

‘Help me and I’ll help you’, she says.

‘Save me and I’ll save you’.

We can not do without her.

She can not do without us.

As we wear the coat of many colors that she lovingly wove.

A coat that our fathers and their dirty hands have begun looking at with contempt.

The very same coat they once lovingly wore.

The coat of many colors.

The promise of a better tomorrow.

The promise of restoration.

The promise of what was.

The promise of what can be.

Let that promise spur us on.

We the future.

We the recipients of a tainted legacy.

Tainted by hands that reflect the rot.

It is up to you.

It is up to me.

With this coat of many colors, I pledge allegiance to my motherland.

I commit to the quest for a better tomorrow.

I give myself. To my country.

To the future of my children.

To my sisters and brothers.

To restoring the pride of Zimbabwe.

To this beautiful coat of many colors.

This Flag.

Love Me Not.

Do not love me

I won’t bring you any good

I will prey on your soul

Whilst you on your knees

Praying for me


Do not love me

I will leave you nursing wounds

In the break of dawn

When I try to catch the morning light

Simply because I won’t let you be my sunshine


Do not love me

Sweetheart I won’t belong

My heart doesn’t belong to me either

It made a home in a place I no longer visit

And hasn’t returned since


Do not love me

I might love you but

The truth is I won’t love you right

I will cheat on you with memories of him

So love me not

In Order to Love.

In order to love, you have to appreciate

a thing… a being… in it’s totality
You can’t pick a rose and leave its thorns
The thorns, a flaw? Hmm maybe
Intimidation to some; a sign to just admire from afar
Yet a dare to approach & embrace for those willing to learn how to handle with care
A rose- quick to captivate the eye
You almost miss the detail in what holds it together; Layers of petals clinging in protection of it’s core
Each petalled layer covering with purpose, only becoming void if bruised and of no use
Lesson: before you think of stripping away someone’s layers understand their purpose,
For they might just be what holds them together..