Snapchat Interview: Grace

A few weeks ago, we did the Lens Blur Guess the Hands Challenge via Twitter, and while conducting it, we offered a prize for the eventual winner (i.e. the person who guessed the most hands correctly). While I’m all for community, I knew there obviously was no one who could recognise the hands of 15+ people they may have never met, so I put in a couple of clues and dropped them as we went along. The winner would get free lunch (not sure who was going to pay for that, honestly…) or a mini interview with questioning done by our very own Zelipah Mitti!

Grace Senga, who was the eventual winner, mercifully chose the interview and we decided it made the most sense to have her give her answers via Snapchat’s 10 second clips. It’s been a while, and I’ve been a little busy so people have had to wait but as promised, here is the very first Lens Blur Snapchat Interview!