Images from the Robots.

A lot has been said on social media about the camera quality of phones running the Android operating system. Ironically, you usually get some really good pictures from high end Android phones. Dennis Shoko and I share a few pictures we’ve taken and tweaked on our phones. Enjoy.

Dennis. Samsung Galaxy S6.








I’m no photographic expert but Dennis takes a damn good photo. Capturing the general every day scenes of Harare and giving them an almost eerie ambience using a phone isn’t easy, but Dennis pulls it off with aplomb. I don’t know if Harare has a lot of soul, but these pictures sure do. His landscape and nature shots are cool, too. Want more? Check out Dennis’ Instagram page for a lot more shots like the ones above.

Bheki. Huawei Ascend P7; Samsung Galaxy S4.

IMG_20151019_123135 IMG_20141104_100851 IMG_20141119_163447-01 IMG_20150903_091312-01 IMG_20150916_154058-01

This is my own stuff, which as you can see, I usually edit for artistic purposes. The image quality itself is retained, but since I generally take pictures of regular things (nature, scenes) I like to liven them up with edits, all done on the phone. I prefer phones because they’re more tactile than the mouse on a PC, and yield more organic results.

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