The Lens Blur Interview: MK.

Here we have our first Artist/Contributor interview, which we hope will be the first of quite a few. Budding graphic designer, digital artist, musician and general IT guy Kuda Mukudu shares some of his design work with us and waxes lyrical about his inspirations and influences. Enjoy, RT and hire the man! Support your local creatives!

  1. would you consider yourself a creative?


Never used to think so but as time went on I thought about a lot of things and how beautiful they were. I would find art in the most random of places like a cracked wall or something.


  1. What kind of art are you into?


I would have to say modern art if that’s a thing. Like digital art, things people create using computers would be more attractive to me than a drawing.


  1. What inspires you to create?


Other people. I like seeing what other people then attempt to create my own original based on that. Like using their art as a template for my own.


  1. Do you have a muse?


Loool no I do not.


  1. What got you involved with Crearte?


It started off as an idea that was passed as two gentleman played Fifa (me winning of course). Then later it wasn’t the potential to make money or something like that, it was just something I would find myself happy with.


  1. Do you think there’s room in Zim for the growth of creatives like yourself?


I think so, I mean if there is no market for your product I believe that you simply create one. You make your own demand and with the tech advances in Zimbabwe something like Crearte has been in the pipelines.


  1. If you had to choose one form of expression, what would it be?




  1. How important is your social media presence for your art?


Its huge, art is beautiful yes we all know that but if the public doesn’t then whats the point. Its like if God created the world only to view it from wherever with no appreciation.


  1. What is Crearte? Where do you see it going in the next 5 years?


Crearte is a digital company involved with all aspects of design. From websites to posters anything of that nature. Also it’s a marketing firm. In the next five years I see myself telling the new talent in crearte to change the game the way the will in the near future.

  1. What is MK?


MK is my brand and the name I use to tag my designs. The “M’ standing for Matthew and the “K’ for Kuda.


  1. Do you ever want to engage in collabs?


If the person or firm is good enough I see no reason not to.


  1. Let’s talk weed… Do you need a puff to create?


I don’t need to puff to create but sometimes it takes the edge of and you will be surprised the crazy ideas that could come from it.


  1. Do you ever use your art to impress the ladies?


No not at all, but if that’s whats happening then so be it but that’s not the intention.


  1. What’s your favourite piece of art out of all the stuff you’ve made, music to poems to whatever…


Mhmmm very difficult. Its probably a poem I wrote a while back about infinite worlds and how in those infinite worlds I would still choose her a thousand times over.


  1. If you could quit your day job to be a full time “creative” would you?


Without a moment of hesitation.


  1. Do you ever want to expand beyond Zimbabwe? Why?


Yes I do, because humans in general are a greedy lot and I want to rule Africa one day. If I can.


  1. Is being Zimbabwean important to how you do your art?


Its just a name attached to the country I live in it has nothing to do with art itself but probably influences it a lot. To me its not really important.


  1. You get a million of your first deal… What are you buying?


Nothing. Start a trust so that my son never starves period.


  1. Would you consider doing free work just to get your name out there?


Yea sure, I mea we all got to start somewhere you cant expect to charge mad amounts when people don’t even know who you are.


  1. If you died today, which piece of work that you’ve done would best rep the name Kuda Mukudu?

My son … drops mic


Well that was interesting to say the least, but even more interesting than his words, are his images. See his gallery below to get a look at his work and hopefully you can hit Crearte or MK himself up for work.

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