by Kevin Chimuka

When last did you shed tears?
No. When last did you cry for yourself?
When the world turned against you
No one offered you any help.
Your heart crumbled under the pressure
As your soul shrieked in pain.
Did anyone hear you crying?
Was it all in vain?

Have you ever felt like you were drowning,
Yet couldn’t shed a single tear?
All the pain and despair would grow inside you
And you knew not, how to make it disappear
Long days, trying to reach for air
Cold nights, praying for the release
Itching, scratching inside your head.
All you wish for is some peace.

Ever felt like you were dying?
Winter doesn’t feel as cold as it should.
A rare smile, the only sign of life
Avoiding it as much as you could
Living is a result of birth
Being alive is a state of being
You’re born into this world
But you felt, you could never be

When last did I cry for myself?


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